Åbro Lättöl

A new beer with a low alcohol content but a high level of craftsmanship


Åbro is the oldest family brewery in Sweden. It was founded in Vimmerby in the heart of Småland in the year 1856. The location was chosen for its fresh and tasty drinking water, a vital ingredient for creating high quality beer.

We were asked by Åbro Brewery to create the design for a new beer with low alcohol content. (Lättöl in Swedish). The beer is brewed exclusively from hops, malt and yeast and the pure water from Åbro Brewery’s own source. It is a light lager with a scent of hops, citrus and hints of grass.

We wanted the design to be a classic beer design but with a contemporary and exclusive touch. We went for a simple yet beautiful design concept based on swirly calligraphy printed in gold foil on a matte white background.

Project partners:
Marianne Pettersson Soold
Ludvig Grandin



Calligraphy sketches by Marianne Pettersson Soold.