A fairytale come to life

Granen is a small hotel with a big heart in northern Europe’s premier ski resort, Åre, where passion for nature and the shifts of the seasons are combined with warm hospitality. The Granen hotel has a long history of housing a wide variety of guests, events and experiences, so our mission was to use as little means as possible to capture and bring to life these memories and feelings.

The identity is based on a living symbol in the form of a G that can be filled with illustrations of what you want to communicate. In order to capture traditional values, the style finds inspiration from classic postcards and saga books, and the result is that the classic boutique hotel has a new living identity inspired by the fabulous surroundings and changing with the seasons.





The concept behind the logotype is based on a drop cap, often used in the beginning of a fairytale. The living and dynamic G can be filled with static or animated illustrations, giving the hotel an opportunity to constantly develop and adapt to different uses and occasions.