Connecting the media, data and relevance dots


In an constantly evolving digital media landscape a key challenge for advertisers and media buyers is to master not only channels, media and content – but also to enrich these with relevant insights and data. To answer this calling, we helped shape and launch the brand identity for the company MyProgrammatic, a novel business operating seamlessly in the cross-section between technical data collection, business insights and advertiser service to optimise processes, solutions and marketing results.

Approach the task of conceptualising something intangibly complex, our creative hook was to combine the essence of human neuro connections, computing networks and big data. We wanted to shape a intuitive concept, which did not frame MyProgrammatic an “data matrix mystery”, but as an elegant story of connecting the dots between data, media buyers, advertisers and consumers. Our carefully considered design solution combined a balanced palette of trustworthy colours, simple and clear line/dot shapes and a solide modern typography to shape the identity foundation for a credible programmatic partner across the nordics.