A Swedish mission to improve the world of snacks.

Sugar has for the last few years become the number one bad guy when it comes to what we eat. Swedish dietician Niclas Luthman wanted to do something about this, but simply creating sugar-free products won’t turn any heads; the products also had to taste fantastic. He came up with a product-line that taste great and is also good for you. We were asked to create a name, logotype, packaging design and brand story for this food rebel that want to reinvent the world of food and snacks.

People have for the past years been bombarded with sugar free substitutes, but they never deliver on the most important thing, taste. This creates distrust. Sugarfree = tastefree. We wanted to create a movement of people that are tired of being fooled by food companies and the products they put on the shelves. We needed to convince people that we are on their side and gain their trust. So our approach was not to lecture people about the consequences of eating too much sugar; but rather to join forces with them against the sugar industry.

The packaging design was inspired by the 1980s punk subculture style of writing and gave the brand an edgy tonality and typography that was needed to bring forward their strong message. But it also needed a design what would be able to “pop” on the shelves and look delicious. So the dot-pattern was born. The happy and playful dots create brand consistency and are carriers of important messages.

Some results since launch:

  • Position shift from a nutritional diabetes brand to a household brand.
  • Received listings and strong traction from distributors across the world.
  • Tripled sales in YR1 from 1 million EUR to 3 million.
  • Anchoring the core purpose of the vision in the packaging design.
  • ‘Best in Test’ taste winner against the leading candy brands.