Packaging design for The Swedish postal service that exceeded the sales target by 300%

The Swedish postal service was founded in 1636 and the company Posten AB was established in 1994 when the the letter monopoly was abolished. Posten is Sweden’s dominant postal operator, and the only company that offers postal services across the country.

Bold was asked to create a new packaging concept for the postage-paid padded envelopes, to be sold all over Sweden. One concept for autumn/winter, and an additional concept in the same series for spring/summer.

We developed a concept inspired by the classic Swedish school posters, an almost inexhaustible theme. These first two envelopes focus on the Swedish flora and use beautiful hand pain- ted illustrations to create a pattern. The spring/summer edition shows all of the Swedish landscape flowers and specify the names in Swedish and latin. They have both blown the sales targets three times over.

Project partners:
C.A.M Lindman