Rose / Scan

Not a chicken way to design packaging for poultry

HKScan is the owner of Rose Poultry and is one of northern Europe’s largest food companies in the meat, charcuterie and prepared foods sector.

The assignment was to develop a brand plat- form and packaging design for the launch of a new brand of chicken. The challenge was to develop a packaging concept that was strong enough to compete with Kronfa?gel and Guldfa?gel (the leading chicken brands in Sweden). The project is a collaboration with our sister companies Promenad and A?kestam Holst, who will create the in-store communication and advertising concept.

We decided to position the brand on the basis of “great taste”. This was possible because consumers primarily associate Kronfa?gel and Guldfa?geln with just “Swedish” and this is also the focus of their packaging design. We created a packaging design concept unlike all others in the category, with shelf impact and a dynamic system that holds together the broad product portfolio. The range contains about 45 packages divided into three levels: Premium, convenience and basic.

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The dynamic layout system creates different boxes that can be filled with tasty images or messages.