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Welcome Anders Örtegren


We’re very happy to welcome the brilliant brand strategist Anders Örtegren to our Stockholm team!

Anders brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his long career working with branding and communication. From a background and diploma in graphic design, he has spent the last ten years focusing on creative strategy and processes as a strategist, planner, and Creative Director at Studio Akademi, Emakina, and Futerra.

“I am proud to join the leading agency in Sweden for talent and companies with an ambition to create interesting, relevant, and profitable brands,” says Anders. “At Bold, I have the privilege of solving problems for a variety of industry leaders and up-and-comers – big or small, old or new, national or global. I’m excited to work alongside inspiring and talented colleagues, especially in a time when branding is more important, but also more complex, than ever. My winding background and passion for design, communication and creative processes comes in handy at Bold, allowing me to be curious; about the needs and challenges of people or companies, and the best tools and methods to solve problems and create value.”

In addition to his agency career, Anders has been engaged in working with design- and communication students for 15 years, developing talks and courses around design and strategy, engaged as Course Director for the Swedish communication school Berghs School of Communication. ”Teaching others about your ways of thinking and working is a great way to stay humble, energised and relevant”, Anders concludes.



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