A powerful expression of modern masculinity

Based on decades of heritage, the barbershop on Vognmagergade combines the legacy of 1937 with modern male grooming. This creates an authentic barbershop experience that makes it the most popular shave and cut in Copenhagen. The Vognmargergade barbershop recently launched a series of products, from aftershave and hair products, to shaving accessories that embody modern masculinity.

The barbershop’s heritage and its owner Jonas Shiran Larsen is still a beacon of masculinity in Copenhagen today. Widely recognized as the best haircut and shave in Copenhagen, the shop and its barbers welcome the average family man, heads of state, celebrities, young professionals and other men in search of an authentic masculine experience.




The legend
The barbershop on Vognmagergade dates back to 1912, long before the iconic Copenhagen Gutenberghus was rebuilt in 1937. According to legend, during the rebuild of 1937, the building tycoon (I.C. Petersen) demanded his favorite barber remain on the floor level so he could get his daily shave and weekly haircut.



Crafting history
Celebrating Bauhaus designs and graphic geometry, the typography, Brown, references a historic, yet current expression. Its simplicity combines the modern attitude of the barbershop and its history.





A stamp of masculinity
As a tribute to the longevity of the barbershop, the salon retains its simple and understated exterior and honest interior. The shop looks like it did in 1937, with tiled floors, original chairs, mirrors and decor. Building from the facade lines, we crafted a unique seal to stamp every single product with the legacy of Vognmagergade.






Designed for well-groomed men on the go
Based on the idea that traveling with toiletries can be a hassle, we designed a fresh take on hair wax. This exclusive box set made from high-end material contains simple wax sachets, which are easy to pack for short trips.






Dedication to design simplicity
To ensure that the principles of Nordic design are executed through and through, a guiding criterion for the webdesign has been to achieve a practical website without adding any unnecessary features. As with the products, functionality and clarity of purpose are reinforced by way of simplicity. The effect of conceiving the webdesign and other communication as an extension of the products has been to achieve a consistent brand feeling across all touchpoints.








Dedication to design simplicity
As with the products, the website strives for simplicity to maintain a coherent Nordic expression. Simplicity in web design helps to emphasise clarity and functionality, and when treated as an extension of the product it contributes to a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.