Åbro Original

”Bold’s new design for Åbro Original increased our sales by an astounding 44% – in one year!”


Henrik Dunge, CEO

Åbro is the oldest family brewery in Sweden. It was founded in Vimmerby in the heart of Småland in the 1856. The location was chosen for its fresh and tasty water. The perfect conditions to create a high quality beer. The brewery’s flagship product Åbro original was launched in 1992, and hadn’t seen a major update in 21 years.

Our brief was to redesign the entire Åbro Original range, to better reflect it?s heritage and proud status as the flagship product of the brewery. We surveyed what design elements most customers associate with Åbro Original. We retained these elements but stripped away all the rest. This way we strengthened and clarified the product.

The green color has slightly been darkened to give an more exclusive look, the wordmark has been adjusted and given a 3D effect to better stand out against the background, and the most important element, the lion, has been given more life and movement. The new design doesn’t have a traditional front and back, but rather two fronts.

Project partners:
Chris Mitchell




The new Åbro wordmark has been given a hand chiseled appearance increasing the feeling of heritage and tradition.


When designing the new Åbro lion the same contour was used but is was given more life and movement.




Old vs new Åbro Original packaging design.







Livery for the Åbro trucks that deliver Åbro Original beer throughout Sweden. We applied the Åbro Original packaging design in a dynamic and playful way so that each truck receives a different design.