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Apotek Hjärtat

Wellbeing – From the Heart

Some results since launch:
– Knowledge +68% (compared to 44% for nearest competitor)
– Sender connection +26% (double up since 2019)
– Observation +71% (against benchmark 46%)
– AH is now the market leader and the dominant
player in physical pharmacies in Sweden.

Apotek Hjärtat is Sweden’s largest private pharmacy chain with over 390 pharmacies nationwide. Our mission was to develop a visual design concept that strengthens Apotek Hjärtat’s already strong position, clarifying the brand’s core values and distinguish them from their competitors.

The heart; a prerequisite for all human life, it’s organic and vibrant and is Apotek Hjärtat’s strongest recognition factor. Our visual design concept elevates this, creating a versatile, humane and warm world that is directly recognizable and clearly distinguishes them from their competitors. In short, a concept entirely From the Heart.

Through this concept we created a broad and flexible toolbox that communicates a distinct expression – a world, regardless of channel or discipline, for every conceivable need. The systematically built toolbox is easy to use, both for internal and external resources, addressing all their needs.

We created a versatile, humane and warm brand identity entirely From the Heart.

"Bold has created a warm, personal and strong identity for Apotek Hjärtat that communicates and strengthens our brand in both digital and physical channels."

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