A global experience of scandinavian interior design

Building on danish furniture design traditions and scandinavian interior aesthetics since 1952 BoConcept has grown to be one of the most influential retailers of scandinavian interior design with 230 brand stores and 90 studios across the world.

In relation to the launch of its annual magazine BoConcept wanted to recapture and consolidate its design edge. In extension BoConcept wanted to provide its magazine readers and viewers with a much more inspiring and immersive experience. 

For this purpose Bold were given the task of revisiting the visual identity toolkit and subsequently come up with a fresh take on the BoConcept magazine concept.

In solving the task at hand we took direct inspiration in already established visual identity dna and looked to simplify, rationalise and systemise elements so that the overall expression and storyline became clearer, more dynamic and last but not least more intuitive as an inspirational journey into the world of BoConcept.



The use of photos throughout the design update targeted more open-ended stories, intriguing furniture details and a scandinavian feeling across all visual content. To guide and maximise the use of photos we created 6 intuitive categories and a set of principles to go with each category. All of which led to more curated, natural and sophisticated photos across all executions.










Approaching the layout system we wanted to both frame and liberate content. We wanted a distinct and more controlled style but at the same time the tools to create more dynamic and enticing layouts. To do this we developed a modular layout system with endless possibilities to manage and adapt layouts to inspiring content across both on- and offline elements.


To consolidate and solidify the updated principles, elements, style directions and ambitions we designed a simple design guideline to help guide both internal and external stakeholders while working with the BoConcept brand across design elements.