Something worth framing

Bsmart was founded in 1995 and is a creative partner for advertising- and design agencies in the development of visual communication. They create still life images and animations/- movies either on location all over the world or at their studios in central Stockholm and Cape Town.

When Bsmart started up the digital photo technology was in its infancy and they were among the first not only in Sweden but the world to specialize within this field. For this reason that is what their original identity was focused around. Nowadays with almost everybody working digitally, there was a clear need for an updated identity.

The starting point and inspiration for Bsmarts new identity was the product that they create – the high quality image. Something worth framing. The abstracted frames permeate the entire identity and form a useful graphical element to highlight and clarify information in a playful way. The new website is designed to bring the image into focus. There are a numerous variety of features to create a unique experience for the visitor and a dynamic flow that navigates the visitor though all of Bsmarts images and animations.



The idea behind identity. Something worth framing.