Celebrate Mateus

Invite passion and magic to your table

Mateus is a Sweden based ceramics manufacturer that combines traditional Portuguese craftsmanship with Swedish design and fashion. All products are handmade in Portugal giving a personal touch and uniqueness to every piece. Mateus celebrate their 20th birthday 2013 and asked us to create an inspirational photo book that pays homage to ceramics and all their collaborations with photographers and stylists over the years.

All Mateus products are painted by hand in Portugal, something we drew inspiration from for the books cover, and the coloured brush strokes are hand-painted by the employees of the porcelain factory in Portugal. The brush strokes together with the colored papers in the beginning and the end of the book show the Mateus color palette.

Project partners:
Linn Olofsdotter
Pelle Bergström
Per Ranung
Philip Karlberg
Denise Grünstein
Lena Koller
Isabel Pinto
Peter Stjernström

The cover of the book has varnished hand painted brush strokes created by the employees of the porcelain factory in Portugal.

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