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In the wake of an international merger between some of the best high-end business and IT consultancies globally, we worked with emagine to purposefully build, craft, and launch their new brand.

Enabled by an extensive network of experts, emagine powers progress, solves challenges, and delivers real results through custom-tailored high-end consulting services. For emagine there’s no alternative to be best in their field. Our work is core to making their ambition real.

Emagine is a company that masters listening. Listening is essential to the success of emagine — and to the companies they work with.

No clients are alike, no two problems the same. Being able to listen and craft unique solutions and partnerships to their individual clients makes emagine best in class.

We crafted a core concept around listening. Our solution show how listening is active, and about providing attention to others. It’s a flow back and forth, an energy. This is reflected in how the dynamic brand mark behaves. It listens, like emagine.

With the dynamic core brand identity as a springboard, we designed emagine’s website and digital brand experience. We translated the flow of energy from the concept of listening into animations, transitions and interactions on the website.

The result is a digital brand experience and identity that is subtle at times, powerful at others, and relevant consistently through the different user journeys on the site.

The graphical language speaks listening across all platforms and contexts. As a result it becomes the constant that bridges the gaps from identity to online presence to physical applications. Everything is craftfully designed to be a direct extension of the brand communication and core DNA.


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