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Epidemic Sound

Sound that Moves

As global soundtracking platform Epidemic Sound moves from providing a transactional audio library to becoming a true partner for creators, they need a brand that looks, moves, and speaks like the creative partner they really are. The solution is a flexible design system infused with fun and feeling that allows for endless variations for any touchpoint. Inspired by their users’ creativity and the editing interface they’re familiar with, the new identity features a sober, geometric foundation that is then jam packed full of rich eclectic collages, inspiring imagery, and a healthy dose of irreverence and cats.

The result is a radical shift from category norm to creative juggernaut. The vibrant expression reflects the incredible creativity generated by creators, and allows the brand to infuse fun and feeling into every touchpoint.

"This refresh is all about letting the pride we have in our artists, our team, and our technology shine through. A massive shoutout to our partners at Bold for their extraordinary dedication, creativity and precision – this has been the most rewarding, humbling, and constructive collaboration I've ever experienced with an agency."

Photographed: Mare Street, Hackney, London, 18 March 2024
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Photographed: Stepney Green, Whitechapel, London, 18 March 2024

Filmed: New York City; Los Angeles; London, March 2024

Photographed: York Way, Islington, London, 18 March 2024
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"With its creative & playful touch, the new identity proudly represents our true essence & offerings to artists & creators worldwide."

Photographed: Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm, 19 March 2024

Photographed: Tate Modern, South Bank, London, 18 March 2024

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