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An Historical identity

The Swedish History Museum is one of Sweden’s largest museums with collections that include more than 10 million individual objects. The museum is also a bustling venue for lectures, concerts and activities for all ages. Inspired by the museum’s mission: ‘to create curiosity in history and inspire reflection on the link between our past and our present’ we have created a playful and flexible identity

We created a dynamic and playful identity inspired by the museum’s mission: to create curiosity and interest in history and to get the visitor to reflect on the link between our past and present.

The logo is a combination of a classic serif font and a modern sans-serif font. The serif part can be replaced with historical artefacts giving the museum an opportunity to be playful in their visual expressions and display the museum’s breadth of exhibitions and activities. The combination of classic and modern is also applied as a graphical theme in the museum’s typography, symbols and imagery. The result is an inspiring identity that allows for endless communication possibilities.

The Swedish History Museum does not only exhibit Sweden’s precious artefacts but is also a museum full of exciting stories. From this insight, we invited twelve archaeologists from the museum to write a few words about their favourite objects from the museum’s collection. The result is a book containing thirty-two amazing stories of some fascinating objects from Swedish history.

An identity built around the museums mission: to create curiosity in history.

The new identity was launched with posters all over Stockholm.

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