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Maréna Beauté

A monogram for beauty

Some results since launch:
– Sales increased with 300%

Maréna Beauté is Scandinavia’s first premium cosmetics brand offering high quality products produced exclusively for dark skin types. We were asked to create a visual identity and a packaging design concept that both reflected its brand values and could be implemented on future products. The monogram is inspired by the delicate brushstrokes arising when applying makeup, as the main element of the identity.

The main element of the visual identity is a monogram. The monogram’s shapes are inspired by the soft, delicate brushstrokes when applying makeup. The monogram is flexible and can be applied in different ways providing a dynamic and recurring graphic element throughout the identity. The tranquil, earthy colour palette leaves room for future product development in new colourways and the copper foil provides a sophisticated and subtle connection to the exotic origins of the brand.

The main elements of the identity is a wordmark and a monogram inspired by the soft pliable brushstrokes from when applying make-up.

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