Simplify everyday life

Some results since launch:
– Willingness to pay +56 %
– Sender-id +69%

Increase on key associations:
– Feels personal: +41,5 %
– A premium brand: +38,1 %
– Inspires me: +22,5 %

Mathem was founded in 2008 with the vision to simplify everyday life. What once started as picking up the groceries in a store and driving them to customers has transcended into innovative and technical-driven e-commerce within groceries. With their fast and easy-to-use product and services that enable home delivery, Mathem has quickly become the most prominent online grocery store in Sweden.

Our mission was to refresh and enhance Mathem’s brand platform, branding strategy, and visual identity. Building around their inspiring set of values, we carefully evolved their strongest brand assets to develop an inviting new look that spans every element of the identity — from a new typeface and playful set of motion principles, to a tasty new cast of supporting colors and illustrations. Today, customers are met with a familiar yet inspiring new Mathem experience in every touchpoint!

"Mathem has gone from being a small, entrepreneurial company to the market leading company in e-commerce of groceries with home delivery in Sweden. We are now aiming even higher and our new brand platform and visual identity will be central on this journey. We are very pleased with the collaboration and the end results."

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