Nova Lund

A timeless look for the trendiest fashion destination in the south of Sweden


Nova Lund is the most trendy and fashion oriented shopping centre in the south of Sweden. The centre contains 75 different shops, most of which are fashion oriented boutiques and stores.

Bold was asked to create a new visual identity for Nova Lund containing all basic design elements, such as a new logotype and pattern, packaging, signage and the design concept for the physical environment inside the shopping centre.

Nova Lund’s new visual identity is based on the three basic shapes, the circle, the triangle and the square.

The basic shapes to give a classic and timeless feel to the new identity, but the way they are used – for example in the new pattern – create a modern and fashionable look. Nova Lund’s primary font Futura was chosen because of its geometric design, and the color palette consisting of two green tones and copper foil reflect the centres environmental focus, while harmonizing with the center’s existing decor.



The logotype as based on the Nova Lund primary font Futura, chosen because of its geometric design.



Pictograms based on geometric shapes.



Pattern based on the three basic shapes, the circle, the triangle and the square. The geometric shapes lends a classic and timeless look.






Nova Lund gift cards with the pattern printed in varnish and the logotype copper foil.



Examples of Nova Lund interior design where the pattern and basic geometric shapes are used to create signage, branding walls and furniture.