Posten (The Swedish Postal Service)

Packaging design that exceeded the sales target by 300%

Pre-paid padded envelopes usually aren’t much to look at. Posten wanted to change this and briefed us to create a design concept for two envelopes. We sought inspiration in a design aesthetics that is highly recognized and loved by many Swedes – old school posters. A sustainable and versatile concept with a broad public approach, this history-echoing design exceeded sales by 300%.

We developed a design concept inspired by the look used on old Swedish school posters, a design estethic known and loved by all Swedes. The two envelopes focus on the Swedish flora and use beautiful hand painted illustrations to create a pattern enclosing the envelopes. The names of the flowers are specified in both swedish and latin, making them educational as well as beautiful.

The envelopes have so far exceeded the sales targets set by The Swedish Postal Service three times over!

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