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Journeys that matter – The new Scandinavian Airlines

Results since launch:
– Revenue +42%
– Brand Preference +61%
– Brand Consideration +21%

The perception of SAS:
– Reliable +67%
– Inspiring travelling +34%
– Including and welcoming +28%

We are proud to reveal the new brand identity for Scandinavian Airlines, the leading airline in Scandinavia. With the goal to create a stronger emotional connection between SAS and their travelers we developed a new brand strategy, story and brand identity that signals quality, care and warmth, while preserving a strong recognition to the brand’s iconic design heritage.

The previous SAS identity that we created and launched in 2014 was primarily aimed at the airline’s business travelers, i.e. those who fly 5–6 times a year. But in recent years, leisure travelers have taken an increasingly larger share of their business. This insight was the foundation for the new concept “Journeys That Matter”, a new brand experience, relevant to the wider target group. The iconic design heritage of SAS has been retained, complemented by the addition of warmer and more personal elements. In addition to visual elements such as a new bespoke serif font, colors and layout system, we have also developed new concepts for motion and tone of voice. Traveling gives us new perspectives, experiences and lifelong memories. This is expressed within the identity through a personal and story driven image style where we get closer to our travelers and their experiences. Through the use of traveler’s perspective we get to take part in their story, adding a warm, human element to the brand.

We focus our messaging towards the emotional values of traveling, rather than the functional. Creating a warm and inspiring tone of voice with an aspirational feeling.

“I could not be more happy with the redefined brand identity that Bold has created for Scandinavian Airlines. Their dedicated, strategic and creative team has created an outstanding transformation that truly embodies our new position and continued journey forward. Our common goal has been to create a stronger emotional connection between SAS and our customers. An identity that signals quality, care and warmth.”

Karin Nyman
Vice President Brand & Communications

Together with the foundry Letters of Sweden we’ve developed a secondary bespoke typeface to complement our primary typeface Scandinavian New. The serif is built on the same proportions as the primary, and takes inspiration from the contrast and soft edges in the logo. Together they create a dynamic combination with the possibility to highlight, inspire and amplify.

Revisited and optimized for the future. In 2014 we did our first rebrand of Scandinavian Airlines. We are very proud of our ongoing, ten-year, collaboration with SAS and that we have once again been trusted to renew their brand.

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