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Sp ce

Closing a gap with a space

Imagine a space that always has exactly what you need, when you need it. A space where you can forget about irritating details and focus on your best self where you can connect with your peers, your pitch or new ideas.

Sp ce is the world’s  first branded digital sales room where you make your customer relations virtual, global and simply amazing. Our concept allows us to express the idea of creating unique spaces with diverse interpretations of “space” in a shared visual language.

When the pandemic came the world grew distant over night. People started to work together remotely and over time saw the benefits that came with it. Today B2B buyers even prefer digital interactions.

Our collaboration began in 2020 with a single goal in mind: to help B2B companies adapt to the new normal by closing the gap between people.

We believe in making complex business easy and grow relationships across distances. All you need is the right platform to make it happen.

The creative concept originates from our name and gives us the ability to unleash diverse interpretations of “space” in a shared visual language.

"Bold was an essential part on a journey, in creating our brand identity and presence. With amazing creativity our two teams joined forces and made magical things happen. All in a robust way which still stands tall in all perspectives."

In balance with function – adaptive to the user interface, the identity express a behavior customized for interaction and animation that creates and give space.

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