Our concept was anchored in an idea, that finding and buying a new home is a deeply personal and emotional journey. We tapped into this to craft a brand based on a particular warm and cozy Sunday feeling. Sunday is the day of the week that belongs to breakfast in bed, Netflix, and newspaper reading on the couch – the day of the week that belongs to ‘home’.

Sunday needed to feel as diverse as its users and their dreams. The logo and colours create a simple, dynamic multicolour system and the modern typeface offers multiple expressive opportunities.

We combined photos of authentic and quirky life situations with special textures to add tangible depth. Icons and illustrations were designed to come alive in intuitive interactions and animations. All these elements come together to create a straightforward yet vibrant visual identity based on basic geometric shapes and fresh, lively colours.

A sunday is uncomplicated, honest and warm. Our visual identity builds on this to be simple, approachable yet filled with the possibility of vibrant life.

Finding a home is about much more than bricks, mortgages and search filters. It is an emotional and deeply personal story about finding a balance between dreams and reality.

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