The Mallows

Everybody loves a simple treat

Everybody loves a simple treat, and by cleverly identifying a gap in the confectionery market, Emma Bülow set out to challenge the perception and quality of marshmallows. The challenge was to create a branded concept able to compete on par with chocolates, liquorice and other more established confectioneries.

We set out to develop a sophisticated, yet approachable and quirky identity concept that would embody the flavours and completely hand-crafted nature of the product. The Mallows are a collection of characters occupying their own, unique world, and conceptually representing a flavour per character.

Just like the marshmallows themselves, the packaging is delightfully simple, yet surprising and tasteful. If we may say so ourselves.

Some people think all marshmallows are the same. That thought is undoubtedly based on their experiences with marshmallows, so it’s probably a bit rude to say that they’re wrong. But they are. No two marshmallows are alike. Every marshmallow is handcrafted and organic, and, like you and I, they’re delightfully different. You might even say they have personality.

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