Tidningshuset by Pontus

A type-based identity for a restaurant located in the newspaper district of Stockholm.

Tidningshuset by Pontus is a 1000 square meter lunch restaurant, deli and bakery on the ground floor of a Stockholm building owned by Dagens Nyheter (DN) – Swedens largest daily newspaper. Behind the initiative is Pontus Frithiof, one of Sweden’s most famous chefs and restauranteurs. We were inspired by the location of the restaurant when creating the visual identity, the DN skyscraper and the the visuals from a newspaper world, a place of letters and newspaper printing techniques.

The logotype references both traditional and contemporary typography of the newspaper industry. A mix of two different typographic styles put together to create an exciting combination of old and new that reflects the encounter between the venerable newspaper house and progressive restaurateur. A series of typographical marks that draw their inspiration from letterpress type blocks are used as a playful signage system throughout the identity.


The concept behind the identity is based on the restaurant’s location in the DN skyscraper – home of newspaper publisher Dagens Nyheter – a place of letters and newspaper printing techniques – the visuals from a newspaper world.






Newspaper roll-printing became an inspiration for all printed materials. Logotypes are cropped in half by the top and bottom of page to give the feeling of print cut from a continuous roll. 











”The launch of Tidningshuset has been a great success, both myself and the customers are extremely pleased with the results. It feels fresh, inviting and unique.”


Pontus Frithiof, Chef & Restaurateur







”Bold’s identity for Tidningshuset really manages to encapsulate what I wanted and was hoping for. The logotype is an inspiring mix of old and new, and the whole identity -with its playful take on printing and typography- really captures the spirit of the brand.”


Pontus Frithiof, Chef & Restaurateur