Arla ‘Good Growth’

Goodness comes from within

In 2014, Arla launched its new corporate brand strategy and corporate visual identity. The new platform was designed to bring Arla’s diverse brand portfolio together and create a renewed sense of shared culture and purpose across the organization. We were briefed to create an emotive, compelling and unified narrative around the new Arla brand platform, the revised visual identity and the global Arla business.

Our concept was driven by a key insight: Arla flows into lives around the world, around the clock. It’s in that grilled cheese sandwich, ice-cream on a hot day, and morning cup of coffee. Arla is in the hands and lives of owners, colleagues, suppliers, customers and consumers. We captured inspiring stories and emotive moments in a big, bold Arla book. Our book, Good Growth, pays special attention to subtle yet very tangible materials, and its impressive large scale format draws readers into our stories.



Developing the CVI’s photostyle involved embarking on a cinematic  journey to connect Arla’s value chain and global presence, which lead into a book of emotive stories and frozen moments in time. They reflect Arla’s global impact and vision to create the future of dairy.




 A cinematic journey

We travelled the world to adapt into the ambiance and to fully understand the real intersection between world citizens and Arla frozen moments.



On our travels we had the opportunity to get a glimpse of people’s everyday lives at each of our destinations and in Beijing we were even lucky enough to meet probably the best band in the world.