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Henning Larsen

It begins with curiosity

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At Henning Larsen, it begins with curiosity. Across architecture, landscape, urbanism and interiors, they are known for an atmosphere of asking questions, provide new perspectives and creative user-centered solutions that confront the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Their demand for extending the studio spirit of curiosity was a core element in the overall design direction and brand extension with the unfolding of a new digital platform, language and brand assets.

The solution captures the atmosphere of walking into the orderly messy world of Henning Larsen and how they work within modern architecture. A world filled with creativity, thoughts and ideas, sketches, material prototypes and research, innovative software solutions, product samples and the occasionally bare footed architect.

A world filled with opportunities and a core philosophy of making an impact for a better future rooted in context, culture, and people.

The first line drawn on a blank piece of paper represents the opportunity to explore limitless possibilities. It is the moment when an idea takes its initial shape, and the imagination can take it anywhere. With just one stroke of the pencil, the first line becomes the foundation for a complex network of lines, shapes, and forms that culminate in an extraordinary masterpiece, refined with each subsequent line.

It’s the beginning of a creative journey that ultimately shapes the way we experience the world around us. This has been the guiding principle for the evolution of the design throughout the entire visual language.

From prototyping to large-scale projects. From building mass to the cityscape. The significance of elements often lies in their ability to affect and shape the whole; their capacity to manifest change on a larger scale.

The need to communicate into multiple themes around sustainability in architecture, was a requirement since that is where Henning Larsen operates. From decarbonisation in construction, biodiversity and ecosystems, resources and circularity to designing for the betterment of societies and liveability for the future.

Having a set of key visuals that broadly communicates these themes, while elevating the creative and curious approach Henning Larsen has to create actual impact in these areas, manifested itself into organic orbs that adopts individual materials in a transformational construction.

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